Friday, 1 December 2017



I absolutely love Country Road. It has been one of my favourite brands for years and that is because of one reason...


The quality of their clothing is absolutely fantastic - that is if you look after it properly. Some of their knits that I bought more than 5 years ago are still in tip-top shape and we all know knits are usually one of the pieces that ruins easily. May I add that we are talking about merino wool, cashmere and so forth, the delicate kind of knits. 

Country Road is not one of your most affordable brands, but spending a little bit more for quality is definitely worth it. They're also one of those brands that are great for basics like t-shirts, jeans, suits and coats. I believe that spending a little bit more on basics and a little less on trendy items is the way to a perfect timeless closet. 

Above are some of my current favourites from their summer collection. I think these pieces make up the perfect capsule wardrobe for this season. All you still need is a hat, bikini and a bottle of sunscreen and you're good to go to whatever tropical destination your heart desires.

Shop the pieces here.


Wednesday, 29 November 2017




Jr 2569 web







When I saw this house for the first time the bug bit me. I want to build my own home, or at least buy a “plot and plan” property that I can put my own stamp on. My partner and I are in complete agreement that if we build something it will look like this.

This house is exactly what we like when it comes to interiors. It is raw, unique, cosy and simple.  Open plan, loft living has always been our favourite type of design. We are not into grand finishes like tiles, plastered/painted walls and lots of BIC. We loathe stuff that needs constant cleaning like carpets, fabric sofas and curtains because we are both pretty lazy when it comes to chores in and around the house. As for ceilings – we don't really like or need ceilings. I don’t think they really serve a purpose.

Like they say – “less is more” and less is also cheaper. Less can still look fantastic (as you can see) so why do more if you can do less.

What do you think of this property? Yay or nay?

Pictures: knobmoderndesign